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iPad Program

Darley Primary School - School iPad Programs

Darley Primary School implemented a Grade 3-6 Bring Your Own iPad Program in 2016 and is committed to this program continuing in 2017 and beyond.  Students in Prep to Grade 2 use school purchased iPads to support them with their learning. 

The iPad Program has enabled students to have more control, resulting in personalised and differentiated learning.  They have been able to display their thinking and outcomes in a variety of ways that best suits their learning styles.

Students learn about the iPad operating system:

  • Navigating and using a range of Apps
  • Accessing the wireless network
  • Managing their work - saving and storing
  • Collaborating with others
  • Creating and publishing their learning
  • Trouble shooting

They will also learn about responsible care and use:

  • Caring for the iPad and ensuring it is charged and ready to use each day
  • Accessing the internet and Apps in a responsible and timely manner
  • Accepting responsibility for their personal actions when using ICT

iPads are used to facilitate learning by allowing students to:

  • access, use, create and publish digital and online information
  • develop knowledge, understanding and skills through creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving
  • collaborate with others
  • personalise their learning
  • communicate their knowledge and learning experiences in a variety of ways
  • use the iPad as a tool to manage their work and learning
  • develop age-appropriate ICT skills and understandings, including the responsibilities of online citizenship


DPS eLearning Vision    

1. We aim to deliver a curriculum which prepares students for the demands of an ever changing technological world. We will continue to use ICT in innovative ways to substitute, augment, modify and redefinestudent learning.We will use ICT to engage students to inspire creativity and critical thinking, and to promote collaboration and an awareness of how they are connected digitally within this world.We will be open to new technological developments to enhance student learning.

2. We aim to ensure that we educate our students to be responsible digital citizens. We will always be mindful of the implications of developing technologies within our school. We intend to ensure ICT use is always appropriate and that while developing ICT within the school, its influence should not devalue the effective practice which is already in place. We want to ensure the environmental impact of our technologies is minimal. We will strive to ensure that the use of ICT funding is well considered and that its impact is constantly evaluated.

3. We aim to use ICT to help parents engage more easily with the school and their child’s learning experience. We intend to use ICT to develop a cohesive and inclusive learning community.

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Darley Primary School - iPad Parent Portal

Beyond the Box in Moonee Ponds, is our supplier of Apple Products for Darley Primary School. As mentioned above, the school recommends this option as you will receive a significant price discount.

The Darley Primary School Parent Portal is OPEN and iPads/equipment can be purchased on an ongoing basis!

If you wish to purchase through our Parent Portal, please visit:

The password is:  darley2017

You will be able to choose from various styles and memory sized iPads and their associated case and headphones.  You can purchase items separately if needed.

Insurance is also available and AppleCare+ protection, if you choose to add this to your purchase.  Again, we encourage families to add their child’s device to their Home Contents insurance.