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Our Philosophy

Social Competencies

What is Social Competence?

Social competence refers to the social, emotional, and cognitive skills and behaviors that children need for successful social interactions. This allows children to:

• Establish and maintain a range of positive social relationships
• Manage interpersonal difficulties and refrain from harming self or others
• Contribute collaboratively and constructively to peers, family, school and the wider community

To support the development of social competencies we provide a range of experiences and learnings about how to relate to a wider circle of people. Students develop a range of skills and abilities that assist them to work co-operatively, solve problems, share information and experience a sense of belonging, purpose and achievement.

Rights, Rules & Responsibilities

Inclusive Education

Our Rights

At Darley Primary School we all have the right to work, play and learn in a friendly, safe and caring environment.

Our Responsibilities

To make Darley Primary School a happy and safe place we all have responsibilities to:

• Follow school rules
• Care for the rights of others
• Act in a safe and sensible way
• Share equipment and look after it
• Join in activities and always strive to do our best

Our Rules

• We speak kindly and listen respectfully to each other

• We behave in a safe and sensible manner around the school
• We leave sticks and stones on the ground
• We respect and care for the property of others
• We use good manners and are understanding of each other's differences
• We resolve problems with others in a sensible and reasonable manner